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Hazel Oliver
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on Saturday, 01 November 2014
in Health

Move Your Body.....

Fitness Pilates is the way forward, sideways and behind...functional, siting, lying, kneeling, looking at the floor(prone)or ceiling (supine)

Monday  Meon Vale LC, Village Hall  7.30pm
6-week course starting Monday 3rd November
here's the link



Tuesday  FICCS Sport Annex 6-week course starting Tuesday 4th November 
here's the link for this one




Thursday The Malthouse, Alveston, Stratford U Avon
and here's the link for this one..
6 -weeks course starting 6th November



Pre Christmas New programme
Fit & Fabulous in your F's,Forties and Fifties
as this is where I'm at.

4 week programme
Daily nutrition plan
Daily exercise either 10/15 minutes once or twice a day
Plus One weekly LIVE class - HIIT's 30mins - Accountability
Measurement, weight and pics taken. 
(this type of class is relevant for menopause (35+ and weight loss)
Talk time
Nutrition advice, guidance and support
Share your high and lows of the week
Tell us about Experiences

It will be on a Thursday evening 6.30pm at The Malthouse, Alveston, The Rookery , Alveston

Starting 10th Monday November 2014,(LIVE class Thursday 13th November)
So, who's in
Hit the link button below to book on

48 hour Early Bird offer, then the price goes up by £20.00



Fitness Pilates,

Move your body.......

Fitness Pilates is moving from strength to strength for so many people in so many different ways.

I love to share some stories with you.
In one of my Fitness pilates classes I have a lady in a wheelchair attending and she is part of my growing tribe.  There is much that can be done even if you're restricted some how,  with some creative and imaginative thoughts, that's down to my experience, to pull on those experiences and be able teach most people. People come from all walks of life and can exercise effective and safely with guidance and support.

So back to the story, About 3 weeks ago,....
I did a home visit to the lady mentioned above, to meet, see and talk about her exact situation and problems, the lady then came along for a look but there was no stopping her and as they say the rest is history.

When I attended the LIW  (Leisure Industry week) back in September, there was a stand with "Instruct bility", where all the instructors were disabled, wheelchair bound, or some impairment but were teaching and coaching teams with disabilities which I thought was brilliant.  So no excuses.

Then, a few years ago now, I had another lady who had a stroke while on holiday unfortunately but again after working with the physio and coming to my weekly pilates, she has made fantastic progress and today she's moving forward and progressing all the time.
The smallest thing to one, can be the biggest to somebody else, you never know where people are coming from, so meet them where their at.

Very recently 2 or 3 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of another gent who has joined my fitness pilates with Parkinson's, and I have another lady with this condition too in another class I teach. So people with Parkinson's don't have enough of chemical called dopamine, because some nerve cells in the brain have died, so without dopamine, some people's movement may be slower so they take a little longer to do things but they are moving. They are both fantastic and both out of their comfort zones.
So what can you eat to boost your dopamine levels.-
Nuts - especially almond, sesame seeds, peanuts
Pumpkin seeds
White meat and fish, ideal turkey, with Christmas just around the corner
Rich 70 or better 85% Raw organic dark chocolate
Spiruluna- Get your greens drink down the hatch

Always go for organic if you can.
Check out in more details

Also, low levels of dopamine are connect to the menopause years, (35yr+)

It's so much more than just a pilates class, functional movement, challenging if you want it to be to both mind and body, strengthen, stretches, tones, posture, balance, focus, concentration, breathing. 

Hazel " move your body" Oliver


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